Connect With Global Lighting Suppliers
Through The Energy Portal
The Focus Earth Energy Portal is an LED analytics recommendation engine that connects property owners, architects and engineers with lighting suppliers from around the world.
Comprehensive Analysis
Of 450,000+ LED’s
Real-Time Information
From Over 375 Luminaire Suppliers
Customized Energy
And Financial Forecasts
On-Going Support
From Focus Earth Energy Consultants
Lighting Up Global Industries
Our LED Services Include
Customized LED Solutions
Designed For Real Estate Owners
Set the example.  Improve your property valuation
and create the space you always envisioned.
LEDs For Specific Projects
Full spectrum lighting.  Explore smart technologies
designed to optimize your work environment.
Select Configurations That Match
Your Budget
Stay on target.  Choose project parameters and set
goals for varying property interests.
Consistent & Reliable Support
You’re not alone.  Receive on-going customer service
and guidance from industry professionals.
The Focus Earth Promise
We'll Give Back. Every Time.
Focus Earth donates a portion of each successful project to a charity of your choosing.  Working with us directly supports your favorite organizations.
Learn more about some of our most distinguished charities.
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