Title 24
Title 24 is one of the most comprehensive energy savings initiatives undertaken by the State of California. Many have viewed these regulations as a burden, but the lighting requirements of the new CA energy code stand to benefit owners and tenants in measurable ways.
Light Angles and Glare
The energy consumed by a lighting system is often given more consideration than the quality of light, despite the fact that proper lighting can yield a 10-25% boost in workplace productivity. Lights can be too dim or too bright, and when they’re both – you get glare.
Light Color Quality
While intensity, distribution and color temperature are all lighting characteristics that are given primary consideration during retrofits and new installations, color quality is too often overlooked. With the extended lifespan of LEDs (7-20 years), property owners should ensure their lighting system has proper color accuracy...
While the LED industry has been traditionally dominated by direct current (DC) designs, new alternating current (AC) options are becoming more prevalent. This article will explore the difference between AC and DC LED systems, and provide insights into which applications might benefit from AC powered solutions...
Illumination Standards
The lighting industry continues to evolve with control enabled LED systems allowing man-made lighting environments to be both energy efficient and fully customizable. This article seeks to shed some light on the illumination standards community. We’ll introduce the institutions that deliver national standards and explore how lighting requirements vary in different settings...
An Exploration of Circadian Rhythm
The 24-hour light-dark cycle is one of the most intrinsic features of Earth. This daily light rhythm was so important to our survival, in fact, that humans evolved a circadian clock just to monitor it...
The Human Eye
With over 100,000 movements per day, our eyes are the most active muscles in our bodies. They are also the fastest reacting muscles in the body, with the ability to contract in less than 1/100th of a second...
The Impacts of Lifi
Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a visible light communication technology, capable of transmitting information via light. It uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) in combination with signal processing technology to transmit data via modulations in light levels...
Effects of UV On Grocery Produce
Most grocery stores seek to create an environment of quality, abundance, and freshness. Maintaining quality and abundance often depend on store hygiene, the supplying farms, and how high each clerk can stack a pyramid of apples...
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